earn GSTARs when you stay with us!

We all love the extra discounts and be special. Here in Gaventure Store, we know how happy we are when we get the extra bonus discount and we definitely want you to be special to us! Here are bonus tiers that you can earn!


Let's kick it off with

  1. Get 300 points just by creating and account with us!
  2. Sign up to our newsletter and earn a bonus of 1000 points!
  3. We love to send you gifts, so on your birthday, we will send you 1000 points!
  4. Earn points when you write a review for the product you bought!
  5. When you complete your first order, earn additional 500 points!



How our point works. 

Every time when you spend RM1 with us, you earn 3.8 points. Every 600 points, you'll be eligible to redeem RM1.30. 



You cannot redeem your points as cash. They can only be used as discounts.

If we found someone use exploits of any kind to gain more reward points, all point will be removed.


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