The Review Policy & Guidelines sets out how we manage reviews for both products sold in the Gaventure Store. All the reviews must comply with the policy. Gaventure Store reserve the right to remove or refuse to publish any review that does not comply with this policy

  1. Compliance of Reviews:
    1. Review can only be made after you have purchased the product on
    2. The review must be relevant and directly related to the reviewed product;
    3. The review must not be requested in any way by a third party;
    4. The review must not be organised by a party with a commercial/personal interest in the manufacturer or supplier of the goods or services;
    5. The review must not contain any language or content which is considered defamatory, offensive, hurtful or abusive; and
    6. The review must not contain personal contact information including full names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses or other such information.
  2. Gaventure Store does not allow anyone to post reviews designed to mislead consumers, or which we otherwise deem to abuse our review functionality. Where we suspect or become aware of any activity we deem to be a misuse of our review tool, we reserve the right not to display or remove any such material.
  3. By submitting a review, you agree to Gaventure Store’s Privacy Policy, which pertains to any personal information we collect, share and store in the process of accepting review.
  4. By submitting a review you irrevocably assign any and all intellectual property rights in your review content, including copyright, to, a product by Gaventure Studio Sdn Bhd (“Gaventure Store”), and you irrevocably consent to any conduct by Gaventure Store that constitutes an infringement of any moral rights in any review material submitted to Gaventure Store.
  5. In addition to any other rights we may have under this policy, we, Gaventure Store, reserve the right not to publish, or remove reviews from our Website or platform. Any review we deem to be in breach of this policy and our review guidelines. To the maximum extent permitted by law in Malaysia, Gaventure Store nor any of its related bodies corporation shall not be liable to you or any third party for any material authored by you which is featured on our website(s) as part of our review functionality. You hereby indemnify and hold Gaventure Store harmless against any loss, damage, claim, demand, suit or action incurred by Gaventure Store as a result of your breach of this policy.
  6. All reviews published by Gaventure Store are the views of the author and do not constitute Gaventure Store’s own views and are not endorsed by Gaventure Store.
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