About Us

Who We Are. What We Do. Us. Gaventure.


Gaventure is a global technology and data company connecting people, data, and technology. Every day, we solve problems for people and businesses by using technology solutions. 

Our founder, Kenny Too has a strong passion for the digital space. He journeyed his career and developed several products and processes along the way. Working with many clients and corporations, one day, he decided to venture out himself. 

Today, Gaventure launches its latest product, Gaventure Store. A curated eCommerce platform that offers many quality products from overseas! We help you to acquire products that are inexpensive and have them delivered to you. We offer top quality products from overseas and we work with reputed and authorised distributors only to bring you the best products in the market at a reasonable price. 

As we move towards a society in the digital economy, we take a slightly different course. A managed eCommerce platform where we take care of your entire process. We focus on marketing your brands to the right target audience while you still hold your stocks!.


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